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3 Reasons to Avoid Calorie Counting During Your Diet


It may seem inconsistent, due to the fact that counting calories is typically an essential part of any diet plan. Nevertheless, the truth is that it is simply a number, while in a good diet plan there are much more crucial elements to remember in addition to the amount of calories you take every day.

Calories are the protagonists of many diets. Individuals on a diet typically invest all day counting calories in everything they eat to prevent them from surpassing their day-to-day optimum.

In addition, they constantly see the nutrition tables when they are in the grocery store. In some cases this can end up being a fascination. In this post we offer you a variety of factors to avoid counting calories in your diet.


Not all calories are the same:

The first thing to be clear about is that not all calories are the same. You need to always get the following five nutrients:


  • Vitamins
  • Minerals (salts).
  • Egg whites.
  • Carbohydrates.



All these nutrients have various properties, so you need to eat them at various times and in variable quantities. For that reason it makes no sense to compare calories from one nutrient with calories from another. You should likewise not generalize them.

It is true that the amount of calories can be a good standard, but they must not be the bogeyman in your diet plan. Typically there is an optimum amount of calories that people on a diet can not go beyond. To stay up to date with this, there are numerous apps in which you enter what you have actually consumed, after which they keep it for you throughout the day.

Imagine somebody on a diet consuming healthily throughout the day and achieving their goal of eating no more than a specific quantity of calories. Another person who is also counting calories has actually managed this, however just consumed fast food.

Did counting likewise make good sense for that individual? This basic example makes it clear that calories alone are not everything either.


Counting calories does not take into account different nutrients.

If you set yourself a maximum variety of calories per day, it can lead to not eating all the needed nutrients. Presuming that they are all comparable is not fix.

For a well balanced diet plan you need to take into consideration your develop and your exercise. Somebody who does a great deal of exercise need to take in more calories due to the fact that they also burn a lot.

Also, a female of 1.65 meters and 55 pounds can not follow the same guideline as a guy of 1.85 meters and 90 pounds. With this we wish to show you that a balanced diet plan is much more than just counting calories.


Other important aspects.

In addition to calories, there are other more vital elements of dieting. To reveal you that it's not just about counting calories or being obsessively hectic with the structure of your dishes, we'll give you some things to think about in order to follow a healthy diet:.

  • Drink two liters of water daily. You can also achieve this quantity with tea or natural juices.
  • Consume fiber meals. You enhance your food digestion and defecation. 

Consume five parts of fruit and vegetables a day. They are basic to the appropriate development of your body. You will feel much better if you eat them with every meal.

Consume 5 times a day. If you are on a diet plan it is much better to eat small portions numerous times a day. Attempt to have lunch, breakfast and dinner. In addition, you take a treat around 11 a.m. and one around 3:30 p.m. Forget heavy meals and discover how good your stomach feels.

Do not eat too many carbs with your dinner. It is best to only consume it during the first hours of the day. In this way, all the energy they offer gives you the vigor to manage the day.

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