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Weight Loss and Carb Cravings


One of the most common complaints I hear from weight loss customers is that they are experiencing carbohydrate cravings, so I believed it would be practical to offer you a really brief explanation of a few of the reasons this could be taking place to you and suggest some ways to handle them.

My primary step is to be sure you are eating enough food in general. It's counter-intuitive however not eating enough can stall weight-loss too. You 'd be shocked at how common it is that people are not eating enough and can't determine why they are fighting with fatigue and not dropping weight.

The next thing is to be sure you are consuming well balanced meals that consist of sufficient protein, healthy fats and fiber from non-starchy veggies which will keep you satisfied and complete and also support blood glucose. Naturally if you have any other underlying health problems, you ought to seek to address those with your health care practitioner.

Often we grab a simple carb like a cookie, sweet or crackers when we are beginning to get starving or require a quick energy boost. This is where being well prepared with a better option will pay big dividends for you. Keep hard boiled eggs prepared to get in the fridge. A little handful of nuts like almonds, pecans, walnuts or pistachios is a terrific, high protein and healthy fat alternative that will fill the bill nicely without feeding that carb yearning.

Often protein just doesn't cut it and you want something sweet. Picking a low sugar fruit like berries or Granny Smith apples is a terrific option. Selecting a much healthier carb option is also a great technique. I always like making healthier alternatives. Keeping roasted veggies that are well seasoned can stop a carb yearning in its tracks. Roasted sweet potatoes seasoned with Himalayan crystal salt, pepper and Ceylon cinnamon is extremely reassuring, rewarding and a much healthier choice. So are roasted cauliflower, broccoli or Butternut squash. Beans and beans are likewise an excellent substitute for simple carbohydrates. Roasted and experienced chickpeas are another snack you can make quickly and delight in sometimes that offers protein, fiber and crunch.


The point is to replace a much better quality of carbohydrate or replace it with a healthy protein.

It's also essential to understand that if you have been regularly delighting in basic carbs it will spend some time to break that dependency. Do not neglect the emotional component. Typically when a carbohydrate craving strikes, you are in the middle of some strong psychological response. Attempt to stop and examine what's happening mentally and mentally prior to succumbing to the craving. It's very possible you are simply seeking comfort and there are much better, more effective methods to get it than eating simple carbohydrates.

This is exactly why the Today is Still the Day Plan addresses spirit and soul issues and not just physical nutrition and detoxification. You must take note of your mental, spiritual and emotional condition and take them into factor to consider when dealing with weight loss and general health.

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